Boissée Finances

Boissée Finances is a limited company with a consolidated shareholders’ equity of 42 M€. Founded in 1988, 70% of its capital is owned by Dadmaster, a company owned by Stanislas Rollin and his close family.
The remaining 30% are held by associated investors:
-   HE, a company owned by 2 famous Normand industrials, Michel Besneville and Jacques Esnée,
-  AXO II and friends, real estate group controlled by André Colnel, former Chief Financial Officer of the Mutuelles Agricoles and one of the first financial supports of Accor in the ‘70s.
The company develops its activities in the hotel and thalassotherapy businesses, with the following objectives:
-   Project development and funding,
-   Taking of stakes,
-   Management,
-   Consulting.
The developments aim:
-   Patrimonial investments in locations with a high potential of valuation,
-   Custom-funded project by project,
-   Managed by experienced and skilled professionals,
Ultimately allowing an optimized risk/return relation with a long term prospect.
Boissée Finances pays particular attention to maintaining its properties with renovation programs and implementing the latest equipments norms of all the brands.
To fund its operations, Boissée Finances benefits of the support of leading banks:
-   BPCE with Banques Populaires, Natixis and Crédit Foncier,
-   BNP Paribas - Fortis,
-   OSEO,
-   Société Générale,
-   Crédit Mutuel - CIC and Banque Transatlantique,
-   Crédit Agricole - LCL,
-   Crédit Suisse,
-   UBS
Up to date, Boissée Finances holds in France, directly or through subsidiaries, 60 hotels for 5,973 rooms, and 6 thalassotherapy centres Thalazur.
It controls 11 hotels for 1,138 rooms in Switzerland, plus one 139-room hotel in Belgium.
In 2012, Boissée Finances represents a fleet of 72 hotels with a total of 7,250 rooms, and 6 thalassotherapy centres Thalazur.

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